Louisiana Wildlife Fishery Receives $9 Million for Fish Industry

Louisiana Wildlife Fisheries receives $9 million from the Department of Environmental Quality for fish production, conservation and management projects, including the Bissonnes, the first in the Gulf of Mexico, said Chris Krummel, a spokesman for the agency.

The Louisiana Wildlife Fishing Commission is the primary agency administering the $1.4 billion grant, which will be used to provide new fishing licenses and improve fish populations in the Biscayne Bay, Gulf of St. Lucie, Louisiana Bay and the Bixby Channel, Krumel said.

The Biscaynes will provide fish for bait, bait for bait for fish, fish for fish and bait for trout, Krommel said.

Fish from the Bismarck Channel and Bixbys can also be harvested in the New Biscays.

The Fish and Wildlife Conservation Fund (FFWC) is responsible for the Biskups and Biscuits, the largest catch of fish in the state, said FWC spokeswoman Rebecca Hahn.

The $3.4 million will be invested in fish rehabilitation, conservation, and restoration projects, Hahn said.

Louisiana has one of the largest populations of Atlantic cod in the world, according to federal data, but the population has been shrinking for decades due to fishing and habitat loss.

More than a third of Louisiana’s Atlantic cod population is found in the south and east, according the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources.

The fish industry is also benefiting from the federal Fish and Game Improvement Act, which gives states and territories $100 million in annual funds to improve fishing and wildlife habitat.

The funds are intended to encourage states to develop a fishing and recreation plan and to expand and improve habitat conservation efforts, said Jim Anderson, a fisherman and former Louisiana Fish and Games Commissioner.

In addition, the Fish and Livestock Commission has a $20 million fund for fishing restoration projects.

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