Federal Fisheries chief denies he had any discussions with PM on trade

The Federal Government’s chief science adviser is facing criticism after a video emerged of him speaking with Premier Mark McGowan.

Key points:Mr McGowan said he was unaware of Mr Gavrilovich’s comments, while Mr Gavanovich said he had “never been aware of any of that”.

He said he would ask the federal government to look into the matter and referred the matter to the minister for science, Dr Phil Twyford.

The video, posted on social media by a supporter of Mr McGowan’s rival, Mark McGraw, shows Mr Gavinovich making a series of comments about Mr McGraw.

Mr McGraw said he “never” knew of the comments.

“He was talking about a different matter.

He had never been aware, he was just talking about an idea he had and he had never had any discussion about that,” Mr McGrew said.”

We are very keen to continue with our dialogue with the federal Government on trade and we have got a lot of work to do to be successful.”

It is unfortunate and disappointing that the minister of science was not aware of the remarks made by the Minister for Science in relation to the Fisheries Minister, and would seek to have him questioned about them.

“He said Mr Gava said he and Mr McGaw would have “an open and transparent dialogue” about the matter.”

The Federal Government is not shy about addressing the concerns of its stakeholders and I look forward to continuing this dialogue,” Mr Gavalovich said in a statement.”

As Premier McGraw has said, he and I will be working closely with the Minister of Science and industry to deliver a new trade agreement which will benefit Australia’s fishermen.

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