How to tell if a fishery is toxic to fish

By Tom Williams – 11/16/17 03:00:07By Tom Williams | Business Insider StaffPublished 11/12/17 08:10:42As a fisher, I have to be very careful to avoid getting into trouble with the Department of Fisheries.

This is especially true for large species like sea bass and tuna.

I don’t want to have to deal with a fish with a nasty sting.

But when it comes to salmon, it’s the other way around.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife has been inundated with calls from people concerned about the toxic pollution of the Hudson Valley Fishery.

Many people have expressed concerns that the toxic waste, produced by the Hudson River, is leaking into the water, threatening fish and people downstream.

The Hudson River is the largest fish spawning ground in the United States and its toxic waste is the most toxic of all commercial pollutants.

The river itself has been polluted with toxic chemicals like arsenic, cadmium, mercury, lead, arsenic, mercury chloride, chloramine and leaded gasoline.

Fish and wildlife officials have been scrambling to address this problem, and now they have the ability to do so, through a proposed rule that would force fishers to use a safe method of disposing of the toxic material.

In this video, we discuss the dangers of the waste, its potential impact on salmon, and how the fish and wildlife communities are fighting back.

Read more about the Hudson and the Hudson river, and the proposed rule here.

“The proposed rule will require all fishers, regardless of size or location, to use an approved waste disposal method, which will require a safe, secure, and environmentally sound process to remove the material,” a press release from the Fish and Fisheries Department said.

“This will eliminate or reduce the amount of toxic waste being released into the Hudson, and allow the river to return to its natural conditions.”

Read more at Business Insider.

A new rule is expected to be released by the end of June.

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