‘Gone to the graveyard’: How the Trump administration’s plans for offshore fishing and fishing rights could end up killing millions of fish

“What’s going on here?

Is there a reason that the administration is saying, ‘Well, we’re going to put a lot of the restrictions on the fishing industry?’

What does that mean?” he asked.

And what they’re doing is, they’re making it very difficult for people to get their fishing rights.” “

The idea is that we’re not going into the water, but we’re coming out of the water.

And what they’re doing is, they’re making it very difficult for people to get their fishing rights.”

But the Trump Administration isn’t just talking about protecting fishing rights for American fishermen.

It’s also moving to put in place new rules that could put a severe dent in the industry. 

The plan is to use an administrative rule called the Administrative Procedures Act to roll back protections for marine mammal species and endangered species.

This would mean that fish species could no longer be protected under federal protections.

“We don’t need a big wave to wipe out our entire species, it’s just not going happen,” said Ryan Winger, the executive director of the nonprofit Environmental Working Group, who also helped push for changes to federal regulations for the oil and gas industry.

Winger said that the Administration has “shown zero interest in making these changes,” and instead has gone after fish species that are threatened with extinction.

“They’re doing what they think will help them get re-elected.

And they’re not doing the science,” Winger told the Washington Post. 

Under the new rules, the Interior Department could block certain types of fishing, and the Interior Secretary could block fisheries in certain areas.

In some cases, that could result in the closure of entire fisheries.

The Administration has also put a moratorium on certain species in certain locations, like whales, for example. 

Winger said he thinks the Interior would be able to put these rules in place, and that “they will go through Congress.”

The Interior Department is one of the few agencies that has a strong relationship with the fisheries industry.

In the past, the agency has supported fishing rights in areas that would benefit from a fishery, such as in the Gulf of Mexico, the Alaska Ocean, and Atlantic Ocean.

Witter said he hopes that the Trump team will follow through with this. 

“The Trump Administration is making it clear they’re willing to do what it takes to win re-election.

And if they want to protect these fisheries, we will,” he said.

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