How to use a GoPro to shoot a whale, study finds

The marine mammal conservation group WWF says it has found that the best way to capture whales is with a GoPro.

In a new study, WWF’s Dr Mihailo Dassa found that capturing the animals with a smartphone or video camera is a better option than using a rope or net.

He said he had noticed a trend of whale-capture attempts going down.

“There are so many new approaches, and people have been trying a lot of different ways of capturing the animal,” he said.

“What we have found is that the whale is so sensitive to noise and vibration that you cannot capture them using the rope or the net.”

Dr Dassan’s research, which was published in the International Journal of Zoology, was based on the observations of a whale caught in a fishing boat in northern India.

The whale was caught by fishing boat on the shore of a lagoon and released into the sea.

“The whale is incredibly sensitive to sound,” Dr Das said.

He added that if you could get a good picture of the whale, you could tell where it was in the water.

The researchers found that when the whale was on the verge of death, its head and tail flicked away from the boat to form a smiley face.

The next time a fishing vessel comes into the water, they should not be able to see the whale’s face, he said, and should not attempt to catch the whale.

If you capture the whale using a GoPro, Dr Dasses said, it is much easier to catch.

“When you’re doing that, you can also see the animal’s movements.

The whales are highly vocal animals,” he added.

“If you capture them in the middle of a sound wave, then the whales will start to swim away, and the noise becomes very loud and unpleasant.”

Dr Muhailo said he was not surprised that there were so many attempts at whale capture.

“People are so used to using boats and nets to catch whales,” he explained.

“They just want to get a few photos and record it.”

However, the researchers said that many fishermen in India had not had the opportunity to learn how to capture a whale and have only learnt to fish.

Dr Dascakis suggested that a number of ways could be used to improve the quality of capture attempts.

For example, a person should know what kind of gear they should use, and when and where to use it.

He suggested that the practice of wearing a mask could be improved by using a plastic sheet.

“It is important to know the gear you are using, and that you are comfortable with using it,” Dr Mohailo added.

He also suggested that people should be more aware of the risks of whale capture when they use a boat.

“Do not take risks when using a boat,” he warned.

“Be very careful not to catch a whale with a spear, or if you have a spear in your hand.”

“A lot of people don’t realise that they are taking a risk when they fish or when they kill whales,” Dr Rishi Tharoor said.

But he agreed that it is important for people to understand the risks involved in catching whales.

“I think that the people who want to take action against this poaching need to understand how it happens,” he told The Hindu.

“But they need to be aware of these risks and be able do their part.”

Dr Rani Singh, a whale researcher at the Australian National University, said that there was a growing awareness about the problem and that the international community was making progress.

“We have seen a lot more research and action on this,” she said.

The whale’s capture method has also attracted some controversy.

In January, a Japanese man who was travelling in a kayak captured a whale using the same technique as the Japanese fishermen had.

In September, a group of fishermen in Peru tried to capture the same whale using rope and net.

However, a camera malfunction allowed the fishermen to film a few minutes before the whale died.

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