How to help the reef survive the Great Barrier Reef collapse

An enormous underwater cave in the Indian Ocean has been dug up and a life-saving device that can revive dead fish is being tested in an effort to stop a massive coral death spiral that is affecting a huge part of the world’s second largest reef.

The device is being developed by a consortium led by the University of Queensland and the University at Albany, New York, and will be used to save hundreds of thousands of fish caught in the Great White Shark fishery.

The project, which has been funded by the US Federal government and other partners, is being undertaken by the Chinese company, Oceanic Fisheries Engineering.

The technology, called Deep Caves and Divers, has been developed to revive dead sharks after they have been dead for a few weeks.

The idea was originally developed to assist in the recovery of sea otters trapped on board ships, and has been used in other industries including fisheries.

The shark-rescue system uses a large pump, which sends a strong current through the water, which is then pumped back to the fish.

It has the advantage of saving a large number of fish in a short period of time.

“The idea is that if you get them back on the boat you can get them some more food and that’s good for the fish,” Dr Steve Carlin, of the Queensland University of Technology, said.

“It’s very, very effective.”

The Deep Cave and Diver, a small boat with a crane attached, is expected to make a significant difference in helping the Great Whale sharks, which are also known as Killer Whales.

Killer Whalers live off the coast of Australia and are one of the largest marine predators on the planet.

Their numbers have dropped to less than 500 individuals in recent years, with some experts estimating that there are only two populations left.

But a growing number of people, including some scientists, are worried about their health and say it is time to end their hunting and capture of the great white sharks.

It’s not just the Great Blue and Gold, there are other species of sharks that can kill them.

The Great White is one of them.

“There are so many threats to them,” Dr Carlin said.

One of those threats is the rising global demand for shark fin soup, which can be as much as 100 per cent cheaper than shark fin.

The food, which the sharks consume for their fins, is sold in supermarkets and restaurants worldwide, and is used to make fin soup.

Dr Carline said the team had already tried several shark-recovery systems that had worked in the past, including the Deep Caving and Diving device.

“We’re not the only ones, but it’s an interesting device that’s in the pipeline,” he said.

The deep caves have also been designed to revive fish caught at the bottom of the Great Western River, which flows into the Indian ocean.

The researchers plan to build another underwater cave on the River Murray to test the technology further.

The system is being built by an Australian company called Oceanic, which makes underwater drones, underwater robots and remote sensing equipment.

Dr Carroll says the device has the potential to be a huge game-changer for the Great Barrens, which accounts for about 1 per cent of the reef’s total ecosystem.

The region is one the world has only recently been able to recover from, he said, and if the system is successful, there is a chance that the Great Black Shark could be spared.

“This is not just about saving sharks.

This is about saving a great part of our ecosystem,” Dr Carroll said.

If the system works well, the team hopes it could be deployed to other reefs, and to areas where large numbers of sharks are caught.

The Deep Cave and Dives project was funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation and the National Institute of Oceanography, which includes the United States National Science Board.

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