How to apply for a job at a local seafood fishery

When you think about how many fishery jobs there are in Japan, it’s hard to imagine there’s one for the Pacific island nation of Yakama.

But that’s what a new survey by the country’s Ministry of Labor and Employment has found.

The survey, conducted by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Industry (MIITI), found that fishermen are among the most popular workers in the country.

They earn an average of 1.5 million yen ($1,800) per month, and they make up a significant chunk of the fishing workforce in the Pacific.

More than 85% of those surveyed said they were willing to take on a new job to provide for their family, and nearly half of those said they’d consider it if they were offered a job in their home town.

The Ministry of Labour and Employment said that the survey found that the majority of Yakamans have a fishing hobby, and that the country has the highest number of fish species in the world.

“We hope that by providing employment opportunities to fishermen in Yakama, we can improve the livelihood of fishermen and reduce the number of people living in poverty,” said Minami Sakaguchi, the minister of industry and trade, in a statement.

“The survey results will help us to provide employment opportunities for those who need them most.”

A job in the fishing industry is a relatively lucrative one.

The median salary for a fisheries technician is 1.7 million yen, according to MIITI.

The average salary for an agricultural fishery worker is 2.1 million yen.

But the jobs in the food industry are much less lucrative.

A fishery technician earns 1.1% of their salary, according the Ministry, and the average salary of a fishery supervisor is 2% of his or her salary.

It’s estimated that between 30 and 50% of the total salary in the seafood industry goes to those who manage the fish, and many of those jobs are paid for on a monthly basis.

Some of the more common jobs in food industry include fish processing, packing, cleaning, and preparation, according an industry website.

For the first time, the survey also found that more than half of Yakamas citizens said they had heard of the idea of the island nation opening its waters to foreign fishing vessels.

But despite the current wave of fishfarming jobs in Japan and overseas, the island has struggled to attract the foreign workers.

According to the Ministry’s latest survey, nearly half (47%) of those who had heard about the idea said they didn’t know where to begin looking for work.

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