The ocean is shifting west, but there are still some fish species still in danger

Posted September 11, 2018 09:13:23There are still a lot of fisheries left in the East Pacific, the world’s deepest sea, where more than a third of the world fishery is located, but a change is underway that could lead to a bigger fish decline than previously thought.

The ocean is turning north-east in the Pacific, with the east coast of the Americas, from New England to the Caribbean, being most affected.

This is due to a shift in the ocean currents, known as the north-easterly trade.

While the east-to-north trade is the largest fishery in the world, there are also many other fisheries that feed into the trade, from deep-sea shrimp to lobster.

However, the current trade is dominated by a few fisheries that are still in high demand, such as tuna, clams, sardines, and mollusks.

“The fishery will be affected for a while, but it is still pretty stable,” said James Trew, a professor at the University of Queensland in Queensland, Australia.

This year, there was a strong trade in shrimp, but by 2022, it is likely to be largely gone.

“It will be difficult for some people to catch as much as they want in their nets,” Trew said.

“We need to be aware that if we are not careful and we are catching as much fish as we are getting, we will end up getting more fish than we can eat.”

There are also a lot more tuna, but that is still very much in the future.

“There are many people who have caught about a billion tonnes of tuna and have been caught in their own nets,” he said.

Trew said that was “an incredible achievement”.

The shift of the trade is a good sign, he said, but the shift will be slower than we think.

“This will take a while,” he added.

“But the change of the climate is also going to be a factor.”

For example, there is a change in the trade patterns in the deep sea, which will also affect the trade.

“If you have a lot fish, the deep-water fishing industry will expand,” Trieves said.

That will lead to more fishermen, but also higher demand for tuna and clams.

Treyves also said that the decline of deep-diving for snapper, tuna, and the deep blue water cod could have an impact on the trade in those fisheries.

“As these fish are not diving, they are not going to go deeper,” he explained.

“And we’re going to have more fish in the water.

That will be the key.”

The researchers used data from the International Trade in Small Fish (ITSI) program.

This year, the programme monitored more than 1,000 fisheries from around the world.

The researchers tracked the movement of fish across the world using satellite data.

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