How to manage the drought in Texas fisheries

By Mike GoughPublished August 06, 2019 11:00:54As the world struggles with the consequences of climate change, some countries are making efforts to better manage their fisheries.

According to the U.N.’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), about one-fifth of the world’s fisheries are currently under threat from climate change.

In Texas, that number is even higher, with some of the state’s largest fisheries in the western U.S. and in the Great Lakes states under threat.

With climate change causing more extreme weather, more fish die and the numbers of fish that are in the oceans decline, says Michael Smith, a researcher at the University of Texas at Austin’s Institute for the Study of the Great Sea, which is part of the Texas A&M University System.

That has led to the emergence of a new name for the state: Prairie Park.

The term refers to the area of the southeastern Texas prairie that includes a small number of fish hatcheries.

Prairie Park has a total of about 1,400 hatcherial facilities.

Smith says that number has doubled over the last 20 years and is growing.

Texas, which has about 1.2 million fish hatchers, is considered one of the fastest growing hatcheria in the world.

Smith and his colleagues are trying to identify the root causes of the decline in fish numbers, and they’re working with state and federal agencies to figure out what is causing it.

In a study published in March, the researchers found that Texas hatcherys are losing about 1 million fish a year because of climate variability, the changing ocean conditions and changes in fisheries management.

Texas has more than 2,000 hatcherian facilities.

But the number of hatcherians has decreased by nearly 1 million since 2000.

Smith says it’s not just the hatcherie industry that’s affected.

Fishery managers are also working with the government and the private sector to manage fish stocks.

Smith is also studying how the hatchery industry can best adapt to climate change in the future.

He says that is a good thing, but it will take time.

The goal is to have hatcherials in the water as much as possible, and then eventually get the hatchers out of the water and get them in the river and get the fish out of that river.

Smith said that will take a few years.

The U.K. is also working to get hatcherias out of its rivers.

Its fisheries are now located in the Thames estuary.

But Smith says hatcherially dependent waters in the area, like the Great Lake, are not well managed.

Smith and his co-authors are now working with NOAA and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to find ways to get the fisheries back into better water conditions.

Texas is already experiencing some of its worst droughts in decades.

According to NOAA, the drought caused about 10 million pounds of rain to fall in the state in 2019.

This was a record-breaking year.

In total, the state had more than 1.4 million acres of rain.

Texas and Louisiana have already experienced severe drought.

Texas saw its rainfall totals decline by 6 percent, from more than 100 million to about 85 million.

That drought caused a significant drop in the population of the Gulf Coast.

The drought also made it hard for people to access water.

Texas also has the world leader in the United States for the number, number of, and total number of people affected by the severe drought, according to NOAA.

According for example, Texas has the highest number of Americans affected by severe drought in the country, at nearly 10 million.

The scientists have been studying fish stocks for many years and have seen them increase dramatically in Texas.

Smith has been looking at the impact of climate on fish stocks, and he says that may be changing.

In the last decade, the number and size of fish in the Gulf of Mexico have increased dramatically.

Smith thinks that climate change is changing the ecosystem that fishes live in.

“The more you change the ecosystem, the more you can have more extreme conditions and the more they can adapt to them,” Smith said.

The Texas Fish Commission is one of several state agencies that are working to protect fish populations.

In addition to Texas, other states include Louisiana, California, and Mississippi.

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