How to prevent ‘super-fish’ from blooming in California fishery

Californs fish are not a species of fish to be trifled with.

But the sheer size of the problem means many of them have become an endangered species.

Key Points: The Californian fishery is in the midst of a major decline and is on the brink of extinctionThe State Fish and Game Department is urging residents to limit their fishing to a maximum of 500 grams a dayThe Department is also asking residents to be cautious when it comes to catching “super-fishes”.

Key points: The California Fishery Commission (CFC) is urging Californians to limit the amount of fish they catch in the state’s fishery.

“A super-fishery can be extremely dangerous,” said Mike Rafferty, a spokesperson for the CFC.

“We don’t want people to get caught in the trap.”

The CFC says the majority of California’s fish are caught in large rivers, which are the main sources of food for many fish species in the fishery’s northern and southern regions.

In order to reduce the population of these fish, the CFS is looking to ban fishing of all fish that are less than 50 kilograms, including those caught in rivers.

“The fish are coming into our water and we don’t know what they are,” said Dr Lisa McElroy, a fisheries biologist at the University of California, Davis.

“What we’re trying to do is educate people and to encourage them to get on board with what we are doing.”

The state of California is also currently implementing a “superfish” regulation, which bans certain types of fish, such as Atlantic cod, for up to 50 kilograms in a single day.

“These fish are very big, they are fast, they have a strong stomach, they can easily kill their prey,” said Chris Kupfer, a fish biologist with the CFA.

“They’re not even able to get up to their heads because of the massive gills.

They’re so large and they’re so powerful.””

It’s not something that is really an issue at this time,” Mr Kupffer added.

“The catch limits are not in place yet.”

The catch limit is one of several ways that the CFP is encouraging residents to reduce their fishing.

“It is not uncommon to catch a large number of fish over a long period of time and these fish are susceptible to disease and we are constantly learning about how to prevent them from doing that,” Dr McElry said.

“What is really important is to limit what you catch to a minimum of 500g a day.”

“We have the capacity to make sure that we have an environment where these fish can survive and thrive, and we’re working hard to get there,” said Mr Kipfer.

But the catch limit may not be enough to stop the crisis.

“These fish have become so large that we are now facing a situation where we can’t keep up with demand,” Dr Kupffers colleague Dr Chris Guey said.

“There’s not enough fish around, and this has caused us to be a lot more cautious about how we use the resources that we’re able to capture.”

The State Fishery Department (SDFD) has issued several public warnings about the crisis, but many residents are still unaware of the severity of the situation.

“It’s a big problem for the fishers and the state of New Jersey,” Mr Rafferity said.

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