How to save salmon populations from collapse

As we’ve written before, it’s no secret that ocean acidification is a global problem.

And now, thanks to an unlikely ally, scientists are working to stop that problem by finding a way to save fish populations.

Researchers at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory have identified a new protein that could help stabilize the ocean acidity, which is affecting fish populations across the Pacific Ocean.

The protein is called COVID-19, and it helps protect salmon from ocean acidifying waters and other factors that affect their reproduction.

The protein also has a key role in preventing a parasite from reproducing.

“The protein, known as COVID17-10, was first identified as an important player in fish reproduction in the early 2000s,” a statement from the lab read.

“[The protein] has a number of roles in regulating fish physiology, reproduction and behavior, and is one of the most potent and efficient natural antagonists of the human coronavirus.”

The protein has been isolated from a group of seaweeds called C. tricolor.

Its main function is to protect salmonids from the COVID virus, which kills fish.

Scientists were able to isolate the protein from the C. luteum seaweed by using a technique called high-performance liquid chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry.

They also found that the protein can bind to the COX-2 receptor, which regulates the growth of algae and is responsible for COVID infections in humans.

And now, the lab has used the protein to test how it might be used to regulate COVID.

The protein does not seem to directly affect fish reproduction directly, but scientists have found that it may reduce the growth and viability of certain fish populations and increase the ability of some fish to adapt to ocean acidifications.

In other words, the protein may help fish reproduce and adapt to COVID, the researchers wrote.

It’s unclear how effective the protein is at preventing COVID infection in humans, but it could potentially help protect the oceans from the virus.

It’s important to note that this protein is currently not being used in humans to control COVID outbreaks, but could potentially be helpful in treating certain conditions, such as cancer.

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