How to save the forest from logging in Canada

Posted February 04, 2018 09:24:18 It’s been a tough few years for forest managers, but it seems the logging industry is doing better than ever.

The federal government says the forestry industry is booming and logging is now in the top three sectors of forestry revenues in Canada.

A report released Wednesday from the Canadian Forestry Federation (CFF) shows that forestry revenues grew by 11 per cent in the year ended March 31.

“The number of forest managers has increased significantly in recent years,” says Paul Johnson, the CFF’s president.

“In fact, the number of managers has actually increased by over 50 per cent.”

Johnson says it’s clear the logging sector has become a key player in the recovery of forests across Canada.

“It’s a huge growth area,” he says.

“You’re seeing it with timber prices.

It’s a major factor in the continued growth in forest products in Canada.”

The report says forest managers expect the timber industry to be in the forest business for at least the next decade.

“We think that this is a long-term market that we are going to see continuing to grow,” says Johnson.

The government says forestry is the largest sector of revenue in the country and has been for a long time.

“Our forestry business is the third-largest industry in the economy, and it’s growing,” says Brian Fenton, minister of the environment.

“And it’s not only growing in Canada, but around the world.”

Fenton says the federal government has been focusing on the recovery from a historic drought.

The drought has made it difficult to get the forests ready for growth.

The forest sector was hit hard by the wildfires in the West.

“What we’re seeing now is an increase in demand for timber,” says Fenton.

“So we are continuing to invest in that sector, and we’re trying to keep it growing.”

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