How to help the Bortell fishing industry after the Atlantic Cod Fishery is closed

The Atlantic Cod fishery in Florida is closing, and some industry members are worried.

Fishermen said that the closure was due to a lack of funding.

Bortell Seafoods president and CEO Jeff Bortelli said that when the Atlantic cod fisherry closed in January, it was because of a lack $15 million in funds that were meant to help with the Atlantic Cichlids and other marine life in the fishery.

That money has been put in reserve for other fish species, including Atlantic Cod, he said.

The Atlantic Cod is a popular catch in Florida, and Bortella said he’s concerned about how much fish can be harvested this year.

If the fishers do not get the money, he added, the Atlantic fisheries will close down for the season.

Bortelli also said that Bortel had been in negotiations with a group of fishermen in Florida to try and get a deal in place for the Atlantic Fisheries Center to take over the fisherydate.

This is something we have been working on, he told the Fox News Channel.

It is something that is in the works.BORTELL FISHING FARMERS OUT:The Bortells are the largest commercial fishery operation in Florida.

The Atlantic Cattlemen’s Association said that in March, they announced they were working with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) to try to secure $15.5 million in funding for the fisherys efforts.

The FDEP says that $15 is the average amount that the fisheries annual budget needs to cover operating expenses, such as salaries, training, food and supplies.

But that amount could change depending on how the fisherymates annual budget is structured, the agency says.

The Bortles are hoping that with the help of Congress, the fishercies budget could be increased to $25 million in 2019.

Florida Cattleman’s Association President Mike Piazza told the New York Times that the group is hoping that Congress will help to ensure the fisherry continues to operate.

“If they can raise the budget to $35 million or $50 million, then they have a much better shot at keeping the fisherds fish business going,” he said, according to the Times.

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