How to make fish broth with shrimp & pork chops

A New York City chef is preparing a recipe for a fish broth that’s a bit more like fish soup.

The chef, Michael Cramer, said he got his inspiration for the soup from his grandmother’s homemade broth, which he uses when she makes fish soup for her family.

He said his grandmother had just gotten her first shipment of shrimp from China.

The shrimp arrived in the family’s New York apartment on Sept. 24 and Cramer has been preparing it in his kitchen for the past three days.

Cramer said he has used fresh sea urchins, shrimps and fresh shrimp to make his broth.

He said his mom had gotten the shrimp for her grandmother when she was a child, but she never really enjoyed them.

The broth is meant to be served with a plate of steamed rice.

Cramer said his grandfather would cook the shrimp, then bring it to his grandmother, who would mix the broth with the shrimp and a handful of fresh vegetables.

It would then be left to sit for several hours, he said.

The broth is the same one Cramer makes for his family.

His grandfather, he added, used to make it for his mother and sister as well.

Cramer said he doesn’t like using the term “fish broth” because it implies the soup is fish-free, which is not the case.

“It’s not fish soup,” he said, adding that the broth has been a family tradition.

“We use a lot of shrimp and pork chops.”

Cramer used a large pot, with an 8-inch-deep bowl, to prepare his fish broth, adding about 10 pounds of shrimp, 5 pounds of pork chops and a few scallops for a total of 25 pounds.

He used chicken stock and a lot less salt and pepper than he would normally use.

“The meat in it is very lean and not cooked enough to be a stew,” Cramer added.

“But I’m going to keep adding more shrimp, so I’m not going to be able to use as much salt and be able put it on a plate.”

The recipe for Cramer’s fish broth can be found on his website,, and can be ordered online.

The seafood will be served as an appetizer, a side dish or in a salad, and will be sold in the soup bar, Cramer noted.

Crawfish is an important part of Cramers New York home, which has been transformed into a seafood sanctuary and is home to a growing community of people from around the world who live in the same place as the chef.

Curry Farms, a family-owned business, has a presence in the community of about 25,000 people in Queens, according to its website.

The owner, C. Craig Curry, told The Associated Press that the company is not making any changes to its seafood practices.

“We’re going to have shrimp for dinner and a shrimp dinner at all times,” Curry said.

“But it will be shrimp for an extra week.”

Curry said the family is trying to stay focused on the fish.

“When it comes to making the broth, we’re not worried about the food or the fish, but the broth and the way it’s prepared,” he added.

“So we’re just trying to make sure we’re doing it right and keeping it sustainable.”

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