Why is there so much waste?

There’s a growing number of studies, surveys and analyses of the impact of the Great Barrier Reef’s collapse on marine ecosystems.

And they’re finding huge amounts of waste.

And some of it is human.

In the early days of the reef, researchers used to dump waste from the docks into the ocean, but it’s been a long time since the waste was a problem.

But now, it’s a problem that scientists and governments are trying to fix.

A few years ago, the World Health Organization and UNSW University in Australia started an independent marine conservation monitoring project, the Blue Water Initiative.

They are working with marine scientists around the world, including researchers in the US, to track the extent of the waste.

In 2017, a team of researchers from the US and Australia published a paper that estimated the amount of human-made debris on the reef.

In their report, the researchers said that by 2020, the reef would be the most severely impacted on Earth by the reef’s collapse.

And, in 2017, they estimated the impact to be worth $100 billion a year.

This is a large amount of waste, said lead author David Tovey.

He said that’s a lot of waste that we’d need to deal with before it would be an economic concern for Australia.

It would be a big investment, especially for Australia, he said.

So what are we doing?

Australia’s biggest marine conservation organisation, the Reef Trust, has set up a website to track and report on the impacts of the collapse.

They’re also working with the Australian Government to identify where waste is dumped and find ways to reduce it.

It’s a large task, said the Reef Council’s James Pugh.

So why are we wasting so much time and effort on this?

Pugh said that in a way, the research shows that we’re doing a lot more work to reduce waste.

He’s not the only one who thinks so.

Some scientists are concerned about the potential impacts on coral reefs and ocean ecosystems, but Pugh says there’s no clear answer yet.

For now, he says that’s the research to look at.

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