Which fish are the best for salmon farming?

The best way to feed a fish is by feeding it enough protein and omega-3s to sustain it.

But what about the fish itself?

And is it worth the trouble?

Read moreIn response to questions about how much of the fish to feed and when to do so, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) published a blogpost on Wednesday.

It said the key to feeding the best fish is “the amount of feed required to support that fish’s growth and development” and that this can be achieved through “using commercially available methods, including but not limited to feeding through commercial tanks”.

But what is commercial salmon farming anyway?

The government’s own research suggests that, for the majority of salmon caught, the amount of fishmeal used to feed them can be as low as 3% of the total weight.

In contrast, commercial salmon farms typically use about 40% of their total catch.

Some experts argue that if we are to feed the best salmon we should also ensure the fish has sufficient amounts of protein and minerals.

“Commercial fish farming involves large numbers of individuals producing large amounts of fish meal and it is these large numbers that provide the required nutrients,” said Michael Jelten, director of sustainability at the Natural Resources Defense Council.

The industry is not only feeding itself, but is also feeding the planet. “

These commercial farms are not only inhumane, but they’re also extremely polluting.”

The industry is not only feeding itself, but is also feeding the planet.

It’s a bad deal.

“The DFO also highlighted the need to ensure the aquaculture industry is “doing everything in its power to protect the environment”.”

It is very important to ensure that the aqua-based fish industry does everything it can to prevent the contamination of the water and the environment,” it said.”

As part of our efforts to protect our oceans, the DFO is working to promote the use of marine-based aquacultures, including through the development of a sustainable aquacultural strategy and by increasing efforts to promote aquacide.

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