When the Arctic Iceberg Shatters: The New Yorker’s Arctic Issue

By David MaranissJanuary 13, 2020 4:03amWhen the Arctic ice cap finally thaws in early February, we’ll be treated to the first images of the region’s stunning natural beauty, and its dramatic and deadly consequences for humans.

But the images that will be most impressive are those of the ice-capped land, which is the Arctic’s heartland.

It is a place of the great natural wonders of the world.

The great Arctic wildlife and ice-fishing is a marvel to behold.

But what happens when a new ice sheet is to come crashing down, and if the ice sheet collapses in the summer, will it cause the entire continent of Canada to melt away?

And if that happens, what happens to the people who live in the northernmost Canadian city of Montreal?

What happens if the Arctic sea ice melts?

How will the region weather a sudden and devastating ice storm that sweeps across the region?

And how will the city be able to deal with the sudden, and devastating, loss of water and food supplies?

For decades, researchers have wondered these questions and more.

And for years, scientists have been wondering whether the northern polar regions might be in trouble.

In recent years, we’ve been seeing some good news from the northern regions.

In the spring, a new, massive ice sheet broke out over the polar region, raising the seas around the Arctic Ocean by more than 10 feet.

And earlier this month, a massive storm in the Arctic hit the northern region and forced the closure of roads in some parts of the Arctic.

But now, a second big ice sheet will come crashing into the Arctic, and scientists are getting more worried.

This is what happens if you have a large ice sheet, and the ice is falling into the ocean, which can be a huge problem in the event of an ice storm.

Scientists say that as the ice melts, it will be more unstable and more likely to break.

And if it does break, what will happen to the region and the people living in it?

What happens to all those people who depend on it for food?

What if, for whatever reason, the storm turns out to be a fluke, and we have to wait another winter to find out what is going on?

What is happening to the Arctic and the rest of the northern hemisphere?

How will the northern part of the country deal with that?

How many people will be affected by the loss of food and water?

And how will that affect the people of the southern parts of Canada?

How can we prepare for what might be the greatest natural disaster to hit the entire planet in the past 100 years?

On the heels of the recent ice storm, the Canadian government has already warned of the consequences of a major ice sheet breaking.

In a report released last week, the government said that as much as 40 per cent of Canada’s population will be at risk of losing water supplies, which would mean the loss not only of their homes, but also their water supply.

If the ice sheets break, which it seems likely will happen, the northern portion of Canada could lose up to 80 per cent more water than it currently has.

In a study published in January, scientists from the University of Alberta in Edmonton calculated the consequences for a major, sudden, catastrophic ice storm in a region where the average annual snowfall is just a couple of centimeters.

In their calculations, the researchers found that if the massive ice storm is triggered by the passage of a single storm, it could cause as much damage as the entire Canadian economy.

The impacts of a catastrophic ice event on the southern portion of the continent are already being felt in Canada.

The University of Calgary recently published a study showing that severe weather events in the region could have a devastating impact on the health and wellbeing of southern Ontario residents.

In March, the U.S. Geological Survey published a paper that projected the death toll from a major snowstorm in the western United States.

The report estimated that if a snowstorm hit, it would be equivalent to roughly 1,000 deaths per year.

But the scientists behind the report say the total number of deaths could be much higher, and their numbers are not yet known.

The worst case scenario is that severe winter weather in the United States could cause an average of 20,000 people to die each year, and that would put the United Kingdom on the same level.

The ice storm has also led to a new round of concerns about the Arctic ecosystem.

In February, a study by researchers at the University, University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, found that as an ice sheet moves, it is also moving towards the surface.

They found that this movement is causing changes to the sea ice and other ice in the ocean.

In addition, as the sea freezes, the sea surface temperature changes, and as a result, the ice in these areas melts.

The new study also warned that this melting could eventually lead

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