The future of Crystal Lake fishery could be in doubt

The future for Crystal Lake’s fishery is in doubt, with a major blow to the industry expected in the coming weeks.

Key points:The Crystal Lake Fishery Board has told the ABC that it will close the waterway’s main branch and the port of Maroochydore due to “severe and immediate adverse environmental impacts”The port of Port Hedland has confirmed the closure and has ordered a review into the Crystal Lake port’s management planThe ABC understands the closure of Crystal’s main waterway is part of a broader plan to clear the port.

The closure of the Crystal’s branch and port of Harawira, at the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, is one of the largest natural gas processing facilities in the world.

Key point:Crystal Lake’s fishing industry will be impacted by the closureThe Crystal Lakes Port Authority has announced the closure is due to the “severe, immediate adverse” environmental impacts caused by the massive gas processing facility, the Port Hedlands Maritime Authority.

“The Crystal’s management plans are under review and will be assessed at a later date,” the port authority said in a statement on Thursday.

“However, at this time it is very difficult to predict the impact of this decision and the outcome of the review.”

“We are working with the Port Authority and other stakeholders to determine the long-term impact of the closure.”

The Crystal lakes branch and Port Hedlanders port authority have announced the port will close in the “coming weeks”.

The port authority has said the closure will affect the Crystal Lakes’ port, which is a key waterway for around 10,000 residents.

“Crystal Lake has been the home to Crystal Lakes fishing communities for nearly a century and the Crystal lakes port authority is committed to preserving the Crystal lake fishery,” the Port’s statement said.

“At this time the Crystal port authority will close its main branch in Crystal Lake, which will impact Crystal Lakes fishermen and customers.”

The port has also ordered a “thorough review” into the management plan of Crystal Lakes port, the port’s managing director of development, Andrew Macfarlane, said.”[The port’s] managing director has made clear to the Port of Crystal this will have an impact on Crystal Lakes and the fishery in general,” Mr Macfarlis said.

The port will reopen after the closure in mid-September, and Mr Macafarlane said the port would be open again in early October.

“Our focus is on the Crystal and Port Islands, we’re continuing to make the best use of our existing infrastructure, so we’ll get back on the water,” he said.

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