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Didn’t find the desired greeting wax seal? We can also make custom wax seal stamps with your artwork. Please do not flip the artwork. But as I explained in the video, melting and filtering wax is not rocket science, and I don’t expect that it would be much of a problem. Press in seal. While dripping the molten wax it is important to hold the candle at an angle with its flame end lower than the other end, but not so much that the molten wax flows onto the flame and put it out. It helps the design stand out to impress the receiver. We provide one-stop service from design to production and making wax seal sticker. Once Halloween has passed (or if you mess up your design), simply peel off the glue! You can use the candle or glue gun at home to melt the sealing wax. 6. We prefer to use the electric hot plate for the mass production.

Comparing to the mentioned method in above, an electric hot plate is easier to control the amount of wax. There is nothing can be easier than this option! 1cm. It is easier to control the wax amount for each seal. But it takes you some time to learn how to control the amount of wax. With some patience and the right product, you can have your car looking like a million bucks in no time. Each seal will look like identical others. 7. A small coin size (15 – 20mm) sealing wax will be enough for a standard size 25 – 30 mm wax seal stamp. Our “Sealing Wax for Glue Gun” is designed to fit for any standard size glue gun (12mm). You don’t have to worry about melting the sealing wax. 5. Using glue gun is recommended for mass production. Glue gun does do a good job in this part. Traditional wax seal stamp with generic greetings like For You, Miss You, With Love, Good Luck, Best Wishes, Welcome, My Friend, Be Happy, Open Me, Made With Love, and Happy Birthday. DO NOT do this at the beginning, otherwise, the seal will getting thinner and not looking good.

When the stamp getting hotter and hotter. 10. Apply a little more force on the stamp to make the imprint more clearly. The seal takes more time to form the shape. Sometimes it takes a new skill that takes time to learn. With this additional step, indeed saving you quite a lot of time for cooling down. Fine Print NYC can deliver time sensitive projects on demand. For additional protection food-safe finishing wax can also be used over the sealer. Simply peel and stick for the perfect finishing touch to your envelopes and stationery. This three-part process includes a cleaner, brightener, and finishing oil. 2. Put the sealing wax into the holder of the hot plate. Whether you’re sealing envelopes, sending something with love, or adding a personal touch to your crafting, this pack of 10 Gold Magnolia Wax Seals are the perfect way to add unique flair. It was certainly one of the most elaborate envelopes he had ever seen, covered in gold embossment detailed in vines and cogs so delicate he felt they might lift right off the paper if they got too close to a gust of wind.

8 HANDLE FINISH OPTIONS: fancy, walnut, black, silver tone, gold tone, rose gold tone, bronze tone, and copper tone (35mm and 40mm stamps are only available in gold, black, fancy and walnut handles. Many French wax seals are appealing in their simplicity, but F. Barbedienne Foundry and Karl Lagerfeld produced popular French wax seals that are worth a look. Our wax seals are made using brass or copper & finished with a solid walnut handle for a smooth and ergonomic use. For example, if I am going to make a 30mm stamp, I will use 4/5 spoon’s wax; if it is 25mm stamp, I will use 3/5 spoon’s wax. 1. You will need a wax seal stamp, sealing wax, foil paper and an electric hot plate. We used an electric hot plate for the demo. The demo illustration video shows you how to make a wax seal step by step. 7. A PAINLESS way is to order a “Ready-made Self-adhesive Wax Seal Sticker”.