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The kind of wax you choose will affect the wax melting process and the tools you need. First of all, be sure to use a professional wax melting spoon instead of a normal spoon. It is completely safe for all glossy paint finishes and you can even use it on top of clear coats. It doesn’t just look good, it provides protection from UV sunlight, road salt and even bird poop, which is very acidic and can wreak havoc on your paintwork. As well as looking good, you get superior protection against UV rays and water spotting. Look out for a product that will work on top of clear coats as well as on glass, fiberglass and plastics. Both clear soft (or paste) wax and water-based poly products like Polycrylic seal and protect the painted finish in an invisible way and do not change the color of the wax. You can use it on all automotive surfaces, including paintwork, clear coats, glass, fiberglass and plastics.

You can apply this paint sealant by hand or using a machine. This polymer paint coating uses the latest technology and creates a positive electric charge using the chemical constituents. It uses the latest technology to produce a long-lasting layer that will bond to your paint’s surface and last a lot longer than traditional wax. You won’t have to worry about constantly re-applying because it will last an entire season. It can be stained, sawed, drilled, sanded, planed, painted, or have nails and screws driven through it. A thorough examination of the colors and its textures can assist in making the best choice. Manufactured right here in the US, this is a trusted automotive paint sealer that will bring out the best of your vehicle’s paintwork. The best products can be applied in different types of environmental conditions. You can use a spoon, a glue pot, or a heating tool to re-melt the scrap wax.

Hot glue won’t stick well to metal, but it will stick to other materials, including clay. They are not just used on cars, they are used on trucks, RVs and boats as well as on small aircraft. Place another small strip on the other side of the cover to hold the string close to the cover When the bottling wax is ready and flows in a thick smooth ribbon slowly dip you jar in the wax Press the jar in the melted wax to the base of the cover and then slowly remove the jar from the wax. The residue is very easy to remove. You can avoid the monthly waxing task! Yet, many car owners are stuck in the cycle of constant waxing. It is an anti-static product that is non-abrasive and will not damage the surfaces of your car. Ceramics can also be applied to glass and other hard surfaces making them more of a one-step finish.

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